Find the pass, get the flag. Check out this file. You can also find the file in /problems/droids2_0_bf474794b5a228db3498ba3198db54d7.


  1. 1.
    Use JADX to decompile and look around in a GUI. Launch jadx-gui and open two.apk
    JADX interface
  2. 2.
    In the MainActivity the button click code can be seen:
    public void buttonClick(View view) {
    this.text_bottom.setText(FlagstaffHill.getFlag(this.text_input.getText().toString(), this.ctx));
  3. 3.
    The getFlag() function is as follows:
    public static String getFlag(String input, Context ctx) {
    String[] witches = {"weatherwax", "ogg", "garlick", "nitt", "aching", "dismass"};
    int second = 3 - 3;
    int third = (3 / 3) + second;
    int fourth = (third + third) - second;
    int fifth = 3 + fourth;
    if (input.equals("".concat(witches[fifth]).concat(".").concat(witches[third]).concat(".").concat(witches[second]).concat(".").concat(witches[(fifth + second) - third]).concat(".").concat(witches[3]).concat(".").concat(witches[fourth]))) {
    return sesame(input);
    return "NOPE";
    Reversing this logic means the password should be: dismass.ogg.weatherwax.aching.nitt.garlick
  4. 4.
    Start an AVD in Android Studio. Install the app by dragging the APK to the emulator. Enter the password, dismass.ogg.weatherwax.aching.nitt.garlick, and click the button to get the flag.
    Screenshot of the app with flag output


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